Fitness Industry Innovation
training with AI
Now all the advantages
of personal training are
near at hand worldwide.
No need to spend time and
money searching for a
trainer in any city or country
or change your workout
All this is made possible by
your personal mobile trainer,
which is always with you!
The future is here!
It’s time to take a step towards it!
AI Personal Trainer is a new generation
Your workout program and performance are tracked by artificial intelligence in real time.
Your capabilities and your targets
The program is tailored to your physical capabilities and personal targets. But most importantly – you will get an effective, healthy workout, as the mobile trainer monitors how intensely and accurately you are doing your exercises and offers real time corrections.
You get all that you expect from a regular trainer such as motivation, control and adjustments to your workout to obtain results.
of results
Full immersion
Detailed study
BMI 19
BFP 17
Your physical parameters are assessed according to your image from your mobile phone camera.
Your personal workout program is developed according to your targets and physical parameters.
Your workout process is captured by live video, ensuring the accuracy of your exercise performance.
Your workout results are analysed, and exercises and the program adjusted, if necessary.
The artificial intelligence works for you 24/7
You only need to turn on the phone
Early access
Our service is at the last stage of prototype development and we invite you to get involved in this process.
You will get bonuses in the form of members only products, access to extra information, and other added benefits.
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